semi-permanent lash extensions after care


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After Your Application

Basic makeup application and normal lifestyle routine can resume after your eyelash extension application. However, the following activities should be avoided within the first 3 hours:

  • Spray or airbrush tanning

  • Exposure to excessive steam

  • Exposure to excessive heat

  • Contact lenses insertion

  • Use of oily cosmetics and skincare products that come in contact with the extended eyelashes

The following activities will weaken the adhesive bond and result in premature eyelash extensions loss. Always avoid the following:

  • Use of oily skincare products that come in contact with the eyelash extensions

  • Use of waterproof cosmetic on or near the eyelash extensions, such as waterproof mascara and eyeliner

  • Use of mechanical or heated eyelash curlers

  • Excessive mascara application

  • Excessive exposure to friction

  • Excessive rubbing of eyes

  • Picking or pulling on eyelash extensions

  • Chemical treatments, such as eyelash tinting or perming

To prevent damage to your eyelash extensions, care should be taken when receiving any of the following procedures:

  • Strong chemical peels or skin resurfacing procedure that come in direct contact with the eye area

  • Facial treatments and facial massages that include direct contact with the eye area and eyelash extensions

Aftercare Techniques

Use the following cleansing techniques on eyelash extensions that are applied using either the Single-Layer or the Volumation technique:


Cleanse your entire orbital eye area gently and effortlessly using lash cleansing brush and approved oil-free lash cleanser.


Cleansing eyelash extensions from base-to-tip

Use a pump foamed soap on lash cleansing brush or cleaned index finger then gently brush/cleanse with finger on the lashes while your eyes are closed. It is advised to keep the eye closed while doing so to prevent irritation and to clean the eye properly. Try closing one eye and cleaning that eye first, then move on the other eye after.


Remove any remaining makeup and cleanser by rinsing your entire orbital eye area with water


Air dry your eyelash extensions with Lash Styling Wand and style your eyelash extensions into place.


Do not apply any mascara or Protective Coating to eyelash extensions applied using the Volumation technique. It is not necessary or recommended.

Note: Always inform your esthetician or medical provider that you are wearing eyelash extensions before any facial procedure begins.

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